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Why Donate to All American Day Charitable Trust?

All American Day Charitable Trust admires the generosity of the American people and thanks you for your consideration. We recognize that you have your choice of charities, including those with similar missions. As a result, we respectfully strive to maximize the impact of your donation by making the following commitment:

Peace of Mind. We conduct an in-depth assessment of each charity's mission, efficiency, and effectiveness before selecting as a Featured Charity (click here to learn about this selection process). You can be confident that your donation is directed to a cause worthy of your support and consistent with our mission.

Accountability. We are committed to 100% transparency in our mission and finances. We measure the quality of this Trust by whether our actions and impact have met your expectations as our individual benefactor.

Flexibility. Our broad patriotic mission allows us to swiftly respond to America's pressing and unforeseen charitable needs.

Personal Connection. Served exclusively by volunteers, we are committed to knowing your name, appreciating your generosity, listening to your suggestions, and minimizing our expenses. We treat your donation as if it is our own.

Multiplied Impact. By pooling your individual donations with those of other likeminded donors, you are able to maximize your impact on the well-researched patriotic causes.

Passion. Our events are the most fun you will ever have raising money for a charity. Be a part of something special and meet others who want to help just like you.