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The Featured Charity Selection Process

As part of our commitment to maximizing the impact of our donors' contributions and providing assurance to our benefactors of our Featured Charity's worthiness for their support, we take pride in the thoroughness of our systematic Featured Charity Selection Process. The formal process typically begins at the end of each calendar year. Informally, a healthy competition drives our Trustees and Patriots to seek and evaluate potential candidates throughout the calendar year.

Initial Phase: Charity Proposals

Each Trustee and Patriot is required to formally submit (sponsor) a candidate charity. The submission includes a detailed report template that ensures sufficient, in-depth research was conducted on the cause and touches on the critical criteria that we as a Trust have defined. Charity Navigator and Guidestar are trusted tools in this research. However, we go much deeper to evaluate how these charities operate on a daily level and within their communities.

The Featured Charity Selection Chair compiles these reports into a comprehensive booklet and distributes to the Trustees and Patriots for evaluation, with sponsors kept anonymous.

Second Phase: Candidate Evaluations

Using a well-defined evaluation matrix, each Trustee and Patriot is then responsible to assess the candidate charities. The causes are rated against the Trust's critical criteria, which include: Mission Alignment, Financial Stability, Efficiency, Transparency, Accountability, Potential AADCT Impact, Public Reputation, Emotional Appeal, Supporter-Friendliness, Urgency, and Geographical Impact.

Third Phase: Caucus Presentations

All American Day Charitable Trust holds a Caucus with Trustees and Patriots in attendance. Holding a primary slot on the caucus' agenda are presentations by the sponsors (no longer anonymous) of the Top 3 Charity Candidates from the Candidate Evaluation Phase. These presentations offer an opportunity for the sponsors to make a final case for their proposed charities while addressing any questions or concerns from the audience.

Featured Charity Selection

Upon completion of the presentations, AADCT holds an anonymous vote with each Trustee and Patriot carrying equal weight. A simple majority decides the Featured Charity.

Learn more about this year's Featured Charity.