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Mission: To Inspire Awareness & Generosity Toward Well Vetted Patriotic Causes

"To care for him who shall have borne the battle and for his widow and his orphan." - Abraham Lincoln

All American Day Charitable Trust is a completely volunteer staffed organization that strives to inspire awareness and generosity towards those patriotic causes which deserve support and attention. All of us at the trust feel truly blessed to live in this country and have freedoms that are constantly protected and defended. Our goal is to highlight organizations that respond to urgent needs facing our service men and women while holding themselves to the highest professional, ethical, and efficency levels.

There are literally hundreds of patriotic charities. Selecting one that has a proven track record of honesty and efficiency can be a tall order. At All American Day Charitable Trust, we put these charities through the ringer in the form of an exhaustive and intensive selection process. The process includes a comprehensive discovery into many key aspects including:

- Financial stability

- Efficiency

- Transparency

- Public reputation

- Cause urgency

Every year, we select a featured charity worthy of your support and appreciation. We go above and beyond in our research to guarantee that your charitable gift goes to those who need it most. Furthermore, by pooling your donation with those of like-minded donors, you can make a tremendous impact greater than the ability of any one donor.

Join us and support your fellow Americans with confidence!

About the Trust

All American Day Charitable Trust is a fully-volunteer 501(c)(3) non-profit, non-political organization. It is operated by a group of six close friends, leading normal lives, who passionately believe in honoring, respecting, and celebrating those who serve our country.

The trust's story demonstrates a logical progression, highlighted by a commitment to inspire gratitude, provide an education of the causes worthy of our patriotic attention, and tangibly demonstrate an appreciation for what we have and those who make it possible.

AADCT started as a simple annual American-themed reunion celebration (All American Day) and continues to evolve. As part of that evolution, aggressive, transparent goals have been set. All American Day Charitable Trust needs your support to meet them.